How Dabbing Came To Be

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How Dabbing Came To Be

The landscape of smoking has changed completely in the past few years. Till a decade ago or so the choices were simple. You could get some grass or you could get some hash. You could smoke them through a bong or roll them up in a paper. Now when you walk into a headshop you will see bongs that look like something you would find in a mad scientist’s lab or an artist's dreams. You also have the choice of concentrates which are a wholly new innovation.

The counter culture movement back in the 60’s & 70’s brought a lot of awareness to smoking, but they couldn’t even have imagined something like what we now call … dabbing. Until recently techniques to make dabbing possible have been invented.

It Starts in the 60s

We may have bested hippies with the advent of dabbing but not because the hippies weren’t trying. The first mention we get of smoking concentrates and extracting oils comes from the 60s. At that time many different elements such as alcohol and butane was used to make something that can be dabbed.

The solvents used were impure and while the concentration was higher than hash it wasn’t high enough to make dabbing a huge thing. The process was also dangerous which kept people away from production of these concentrates.

Too Many Years Ago

Hash is very similar to dabbing because it also involves concentrate but the level of concentration is completely different. Hash is very popular in the eastern part of the world; in south Asian countries it is much more popular than other forms of smoking materials. (Hashish explained)

Hash has been common for centuries and it is pretty much impossible to pin down its origins but this should give you an idea about how long people have been trying to get dabbing going.

The Dabs of Today

Dabbing started making a comeback in 2005 which is also the year when the first article about it was published in Cannabis Culture magazine. Dabbing exploded in popularity after 2010. There are many factors which contributed to dabbing becoming so popular. The main one is that the perception of smoking has changed drastically in the last decade. Kids who are growing up today do not get lectured with misinformation about the effects of smoking.

There has also been a huge push for legalization of cannabis all around the world. This has given producers much more leeway and they are using the new lax rules to experiment and create new products like quartz grails. Once the technique for dabbing was found out it spread like wildfire and now you can get decent concentrates in every big city in the western world.


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