The Mystic Art of Smoking

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Mystic Art of Smoking Why Online Head Shop Smoke Tradition

At Lionhead we have always believed in their being a mystical side to smoking. It has been the founding aspect of us and the guiding hand in all of our designs. We aren’t aiming for pop culture or for looking cool; we aim for something beyond it. We believe in respecting the traditions of smoking and adding the appropriate amount of mythos into it. We add functional glass art to smoking because things feel complete for us that way.

Keeping it Traditional Yet Contemporary 

Honoring traditions that have been deeply ingrained with smoking for a long time, we are aware of how important smoking rituals have been for different tribes and nations around the world. Visions filled with smoke, smoking on special days, these are all activities found in the histories of many cultures of the world. Somehow many people seem to have forgotten about this. Due to the rapid speed at which we live these days, smokers have become desensitized to the value of hand crafter smoking pipes and a well rolled smoke.

For us smoking is about discovering new people and discovering more about ourselves. We have met some of the best and most interesting people in our lives while sharing a smoke with them. We make art which encourages conversations among the people you are smoking with and sets the tone for a real conversation. Smoking, is finding pleasure in being alone with our thoughts; the philosophical mental rambling and decision making that happens while smoking alone is a special experience and has led us to discovering new things about ourselves and our lives.


Why the Fancy Art on Smoking Apparatus? 

Without art, things are characterless, they have no soul. Yes, you can definitely smoke out of a normal pipe if you wanted, but the experience of smoking from a meteor hand pipe, for example, is something different.

We curate and bring you functional glass art; our pieces are meant to be admired and we are proud of our designs. We don’t make gaudy smoking pipes which people can show off; we bring you nuanced designs that people buy because they love it themselves. By sharing the joy of discovering a new artist and new work from respected artists; is how and why showcase the most disruptive and respected artists in the glassblowing community. We bring their vision to you and in the process add love, culture and creativity to Lionhead and its collections.

This is simple, Lionhead isn’t in the business of selling pipes through its own brand, we are in the business of bringing you the best in glassblowing art. So sit back and enjoy as we reveal the new art we have for you, and maybe you will see something that needs to be a part of your collection, or the start of it.


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