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The Oxford Dictionary defines “heady” as: something that has a great effect on your senses and enhances them; thus making you feel more excited and confident. A heady glass is a unique piece of an artistic form of glass that is only made by very experienced glassblowing artists, or “fire artists” as we like to call them.

Heady glass artists are characterized by the complex methods they use in order to bring to life great pieces of art. A heady glass is often one of a kind piece, high end, in which it is very common to see wig wags, reversals, millies, honey comb, unique forms and colors and very detailed and worked sections of the glass.


For years, many artists have focused on mastering the art of making functional glass, shaping glass rods of different and multicolored glass into complex forms. But unlike many, functional glass artists barely had opportunities to showcase their crafts.

That has been changing for the last few years now. Now that cannabis is being deregulated and legalized for different purposes in more than 25 states across the country, makers of functional heady glass art are showcasing their work in art books and public competitions, as well as renowned galleries.

At the end, like renown glass artist Salt once said: "The fact that they are pipes is relative to the discussion of contemporary art and the American cultural landscape as a whole."


In a private auction not so long ago, a functional glass art piece was allegedly sold for over $100,000. The bong was a collaboration between Sagan Glass and Scott Depee. Sagan is known for making pieces inspired in the space. He reflects what his thinks about life in this universe through his work. Scott Depee of Mothership Glass, is the most popular scientific glass in the market. The glass included a marble that had been sent to space by Sagan in 2015.

At the West Coast glass event, there were many pieces that sold for over $50,000. Insiders mentioned that it was not the first 6 figure piece sold at a private event like this.


There are many events gaining recognition where glass, cannabis, music, and different arts converge together in a single festival. Chalice festival in California, is one of those where pipe making is a main attraction. The Glassblower Village is a part of the festival where people can meet and great their favorite heady artists. Glass artists from around the nation take glass pieces and perform demos.

Ruckus Gallery, in Philadelphia, is one of these places where valuable heady glass can be found, it is very common to spot one of Elbo’s signature dinosaur glass pipes pieces in here. We also have AGE (American Glass Expo), a business to business convention where the latest techniques and top-notch glass is found. Anything from glass pipes, sherlocks, rigs, dabbers, and more will be found here.


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