Glass Filter Tips - 3 Black Flat Mouthpiece Tips


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Black and flat mouthpiece glass filter tips with unique designs. These sturdy little pieces are perfect for both the experienced and rookie smoker. Makes holding your cig much more comfortable, as well as allow you to smoke every last bit of your herbs.

This glass filter helps collect tar and other particles that individuals often intake when not using filters. Filters are reusable, washable and easy to store in their plastic little jars.

This bundle comes three (3) black flat mouthpiece shape smoking filter tips.


Very easy to clean and quality glass tips that last for many uses. Each glass tip comes in a small plastic container that fits in a jeans watch pocket.

Better Grip

Provides comfortable and sturdy grip when smoking. While rolling it is much easier to hold the paper on your tobacco and herbs and close it.

Zero Waste

Smoke every bit of your tobacco or herbs and don't worry about smoking those cardboard filters that harm your throat.

Unique Shape

The glass filters come in one shape. A flat mouthpiece that allows for different air intake.

  • High Quality Glass
  • Gold Leaf
  • Portable
  • Watch Pocket Size
  • Sturdy
  • Curved Corners

Lionhead came together with the vision to craft unique smoking accesories we know you will love and enjoy. We focus on bringing together the highest quality materials as well as the perfect design that make our products aesthetically beautiful and highly functional. Each product is uniquely crafted to enhance your smoking experience and make the best out of it.

Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves in making the best products you can find out there not only for a great smoking experience but to bring you an excellent addition to your collection.

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