Laser Engraved Herb Grinder - 2.2” Inch 4 Piece Aluminum Crusher - Black


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The Lionhead 2.2” 4 piece engraved spice grinder is the perfect little gift to treat yourself with! Knowing how excited people get with personalized items, Lionhead went out to design premium quality grinders with an aspect of personalization, that will never tarnish or rub off.

Its aluminum body and magnetized cover, makes grinding an effortless shredding experience. Giving you a crusher that preserves your spices, keeping them fresh and odor free. The stainless steel micro mesh filter in the third compartment and keif catcher helps you save all that powdery goodness that your pollen catcher will help you store. Since we know, that all that powdery goodness can be hard to grab, we have included a handy dandy spatula to make the task easier.

Aluminum Body

Sturdy 2" in diameter x 1.8" in height grinder is made with premium quality materials, ensuring durability & efficiency with unique designs that never tarnish or fade away.

Magnetic Top

Grinder comes with magnetized cover that snaps securely in place, preventing spillage & keeps contents fresh when used for storage & great for odor control.

Diamond Shaped Teeth

28 sharp teeth sit ready to tear apart even the toughest of herbs, spices, tobacco or medical herbs. Once grinded, you can easily access/store your herbs in the micro mesh filter found in the third compartment.

Pollen Catcher

Stainless steel micro mesh screen, filters & separates pollen from your herbs for a no-mess grind. Helping you catch and store all the powdery goodness we know you'll love for future use. Includes plastic spatula.

Unique Design

Our design make our grinders the perfect gift for friends and yourself!

  • High Quality Aluminum
  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • 3 Chambers
  • Pollen Catcher
  • Laser Engraved
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Portable
  • Anodized Color


Lionhead came together with the vision to craft unique smoking accesories we know you will love and enjoy. We focus on bringing together the highest quality materials as well as the perfect design that make our products aesthetically beautiful and highly functional. Each product is uniquely crafted to enhance your smoking experience and make the best out of it.

Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves in making the best products you can find out there not only for a great smoking experience but to bring you an excellent addition to your collection.

Seeing Lionhead come to life has been a grateful and joyful journey for us as well. Each day a different puzzle to solve, some of our work has led us to discover different personal talents within us. But most importantly it has made us realize our passion for working in something we love; while enjoying every day of work. We hope you enjoy our products and feel free to always reach out, even if its simply to say hi!

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